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How to Choose a Cage?

  • Cage Size - The Bigger the Better: As humans, we seek out nature to enjoy the massive expanse of openness, beauty and the sense of freedom that it conveys. Compared to the freedom they experience in the wild, our parrots are severely restricted in captivity. A cage is your bird's primary environment and it is of the utmost importance that they be able to move freely, flap their wings, climb, play, do acrobatics, forage and perch at multiple levels within that environment.
  • Style Considerations: Cages should be purchased with functionality and safety taking precedence over eye appeal. Fortunately, there are cage manufacturers who are combining the best of both worlds by making safe, functional and attractive cages.
  • Bar Spacing & Orientation: Bar spacing is an important safety consideration when to choosing a suitable cage. Your parrot should not be able to put its head through and get wedged in the space between the bars. Additionally, the diameter and strength of each bar should be large enough to ensure that the bars can not be bent or broken by your bird.
  • Safe Construction: Sturdiness and durability are key factors in ensuring your bird will have a long lasting and secure environment. Cages are made out of a variety of materials each with pros and cons and varied lifetimes.
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